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How to install Wordfast 6 in Word 2010

Word 2010 has several security features that can make it hard to install add-ons such as the Wordfast Classic template. This video shows all steps needed to install Wordfast Classic version 6 (and later) in Word 2010.

How to import bilingual Word documents in memoQ

The Trados/Wordfast bilingual Word format (also known as “uncleaned”) is popular in the translation world. This video shows how to import such documents into memoQ translator pro, a powerful translation tool.

Wordfast Anywhere and Google Translate API v2

This video shows how to use the new Google Translate API v2 with Wordfast Anywhere, the free cloud-based version of Wordfast. I will post similar videos for Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro, when they support the new Google Translate API.

How to obtain a Google Translate API v2 key

In order to use Google Translate via its API in CAT tools such as memoQ or Wordfast (as opposed to using it via its web interface at translate.google.com), one needs to obtain an API v2 key (the old Google Translate API v1 will stop working on December 1st, 2011). This video shows how to obtain […]

AutoHotKey for translators

This very small AutoHotKey script enables/disables machine translation in memoQ. It’s just one example of things you can do with AutoHotKey. Here is the script shown in the video:

; Ctrl+F1 in memoQ enables/disables MT SetTitleMatchMode 1 #IfWinActive, memoQ ^F1:: SendInput, !t ; select ‘Tools’ menu SendInput, o ; select ‘Options’ SendInput, m ; select […]

Converting a “dead” PDF to Word with Wordfast Anywhere

Update: a more recent version of this video was made in June 2016. The new video matches the current user interface of Wordfast Anywhere, which has changed significantly since October 2011.

Translators often need to convert scanned PDF’s (also known as “dead” PDF’s) into Word documents in order to be able to translate them. Dedicated […]

Translating a PPT with Wordfast Anywhere

I just opened my own YouTube channel, CATguruEN. “EN” stands for English (I also opened two other channels with similar content, in Finnish and in French). My first YouTube video shows how to use Wordfast Anywhere, the free online version of Wordfast, to translate a PowerPoint document. The user interface of Wordfast Anywhere is very […]