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SDL Trados Studio 2011 can’t open Word 2013 documents

SDL Trados Studio 2011 cannot open a simple document created with Word 2013, part of the new Office 2013 suite that was released on 29-January-2013. This video shows the two error messages that are displayed when attempting to open such a document. It also shows memoQ translator pro and Wordfast Pro had no problems opening […]

Save TXML as unclean Word document with new Wordfast Pro 3.2

Many translation agencies are still using Trados Workbench (the “old” Trados) and request translations in the “unclean” Word document format, also known as “Trados bilingual”. Until version 3.1, Wordfast Pro was not able to produce such documents and translators had to resort to cumbersome workarounds in order to obtain unclean documents. Version 3.2 (in beta […]

Context matches in SDL Trados Studio 2011

Context matches were introduced under the name ConteXT TM as an optional plugin to Trados 6 in April 2003. The feature was included in the Freelance edition of SDL Trados Studio 2009 in Mid 2009. Context matches can be used in connection with the pre-translate batch task, which can confirm and lock such matches (if […]

Context matches in Swordfish III

In Swordfish III, context is defined as identical preceding and following segment, like in Heartsome Ultimate, memoQ translator pro and Déjà Vu X2. However, context matches are not leveraged against a TM, but rather against a previously translated (bilingual) document. This approach is similar to Studio Professional’s PerfectMatch or to memoQ’s X-translate, although not with […]

Context matches in memoQ translator pro

Context matches (the feature is also called “ContexTM” in memoQ) were introduced in memoQ 2.1, in early 2007. memoQ was the first affordable tool to support context matches: its list price at the time was €399, while the versions of Trados that included the feature cost more than €2500-3000. Context in memoQ is defined as […]

Context matches in CafeTran Espresso 2013

CafeTran Espresso 2013 is the latest tool that jumped on the context match bandwagon: the feature was added by Igor Kmitowski on 13-January-2013 as he heard about the forthcoming series of videos on the subject. CafeTran is the only tool that distinguishes between two sorts of context matches: partial context matches, in which either the […]

Context matches in Heartsome 8 Ultimate

Heartsome Translation Studio 8 is available in four different editions: Lite, Personal, Professional and Ultimate. One of the key differentiators of the most expensive (list price: €598) edition, Ultimate, is support for context matches. This video shows how context matches work in Heartsome Ultimate edition 8.1.1, using the pre-translate function. Context matches are displayed with […]

Context matches in six CAT tools – introduction video

A previous post in December 2011 explained what 101% matches are, using memoQ and Olifant as an example. This new series of videos published in January 2013 shows how the feature (also known as context matches, in-context exact matches, ICE matches or guaranteed matches) works in six different translation tools. This short (01:22) video presents […]

Context matches in Déjà Vu X2 Professional

Context matches (called “Guaranteed matches” in Déjà Vu) have been supported since Mid 2003, with the introduction of Déjà Vu X, but only in the Workgroup edition, which used to cost about €2500. The feature has been made part of the cheaper (current list price: €595) Professional edition since the introduction of Déjà Vu X2 […]

Quick look at Swordfish III

Swordfish is a mid-price (EUR 260) translation tool from Maxprograms. Its author Rodolfo Raya used to head development at Heartsome and Swordfish shares several common features with Heartsome Translation Studio. Swordfish is Java-based and therefore multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Like all of Rodolfo’s programs, Swordfish strongly supports open standards like XLIFF, TMX, TBX and SRX.