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TM’s “under the hood” – Trados vs. memoQ

Translation tools use different mechanisms to store data in their translation memories, resulting in TM’s that varies greatly in size and structure. This video shows how a sample Finnish-English TMX with about 70,000 translation units and 48 MB results in a 31 MB TM in Trados Translator’s Workbench 8.3, in a 83-139 MB TM in […]

Change font in Wordfast Pro editor

The default font in the TXML editor of Wordfast Professional is Times New Roman 14. Many translators will find it inadequate (too big and not very legible). This video shows how to change the font (for both the source and the target cells of the editor) to something more adequate, eg. Tahoma 10.

Manual OCR with FineReader

OCR software like ABBYY FineReader or Nuance OmniPage are convenient for converting PDF files into Word documents. Although the conversion can be launched automatically, it may be beneficial to manually define certain areas in PDF files that have a complex layout. This video shows how to manually define a table in FineReader 10. Although the […]

Buggy Bluetooth driver causes Word to crash with Wordfast Classic

In some configurations with Wordfast Classic installed, Microsoft Word may crash either when launching a translation session, or when exiting. This can be caused by an older, buggy Bluetooth driver from Broadcom/Widcomm. Such configurations are often found on Bluetooth-enabled laptops that ship with Microsoft Office pre-installed. The problem occurs with different versions of Windows (eg, […]

How to handle untranslatable texts in DOCX with memoQ

Texts in Word documents that do not need to be translated can be formatted with a special style in Word. This style can then be added to a custom configuration linked to memoQ‘s Word 2007/2010/2013 filter (DOCX) that can be used with the Import with options function. This video shows how to create the style […]

Cannot open TM in Wordfast Classic

In some special circumstances, it is not possible to select translation memories with the Select TM button in Wordfast Classic. Wordfast Classic 6.03 (and newer) will say: There was an error opening the ‘Open file’ dialog box, whereas in version 6.01 (and older) the message displayed is: Run-time error ‘4608’ Value out of range. This […]

How to create DGT TMX on Mac

A previous video showed how to create a TMX translation memory from the DGT parallel texts on Windows. This video shows how to do it on a Mac, using the supplied command-line Java program.

A German-Polish translation memory is created with the command:

java -jar TMXtract.jar DE PL DGT_de-pl.tmx Vol*.zip

The TM is then opened […]

How to create DGT translation memories

In November 2011, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) published parallel texts (bitexts) from which huge translation memories can be generated in any language pair (23 supported languages). This video shows how to download the necessary files (28 ZIP files totaling 2.3 GB) and how to use the provided Windows utility to create a […]

How to set up Wordfast Server

Wordfast Server is a powerful server for sharing translation memories and glossaries. For optimal performance, it relies on its own database engine rather than on a standard database system like Oracle, MySQL etc. Wordfast Anywhere uses Wordfast Server as its back-end, which provides a good indication of its speed and scalability.

This video shows how […]

How to open Word 2013 DOCX in Studio 2011

As per early February 2013, SDL Trados Studio 2011 is not able to open documents created with Word 2013. This video shows how to modify such documents so that Studio 2011 will accept them. It is sufficient to change number 15 (internal version of Word 2013) to 14 (version of Word 2010) inside file app.xml.