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Top 10 YouTube channels for translation technology

YouTube is one of the most popular social medias nowadays and many actors of the translation industry – both companies/organizations and individual translators – are using it to promote their products or their views. I have listed in the table below the top 10 channels (by number of subscribers), as per December 9th, 2014. Do […]

Import from Excel into DVX3 multilingual termbase

Déjà Vu X3 supports multilingual termbases. This video shows how to create such a termbase (using the Minimal template) and how to import terminology into it from an Excel sheet with four languages (English, French, Finnish, Swedish). The Excel file needs to be saved as XLS, as Déjà Vu X3 doesn’t support the newer XLSX […]

First steps with memoQ 2014 R2

This video shows how to translate a Word document from scratch in memoQ 2014 R2. A new project (English-French) is created, the document is imported , a new translation memory is created, a new termbase (multilingual: English-French-Finnish-Swedish) is created, with sample terminology imported from an Excel sheet, the document is translated interactively and finally the […]