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Wordfast Pro supports Google Translate API v2

The latest version of Wordfast Pro (2.4.4) now supports the new Google Translate API v2. This video shows where to enter the API key in Wordfast Pro.

7 comments to Wordfast Pro supports Google Translate API v2

  • Oksana

    Thank you for this instructive video! I have Wordfast Pro 2.4.4. However, I do not have an option to insert API key, as shown on the video. Do you know where can I get a build or a patch to get this option?

    • Dominique

      This is strange: I just re-downloaded 2.4.4 (I had 3.0 installed on all my computers) and I re-installed it. Even in demo mode, I have the field for the API key, under Edit > Preferences > Machine Translation > Google Translate, as you can see in this little clip. Same with Microsoft. Do check you have the correct version (build 20111209-0930), if not, re-download. If you’re still having problems, do contact the hotline (log in to your account at wordfast.net and select ‘Contact the hotline’), as you still have a valid hotline subscription (I just checked).

  • Oksana

    Ups, sorry, my mistake: it is 2.4.2. I was always bad with figures (that is why I became the translator, I guess:). Thank you for your kindness. I guess the only solution is to buy 3.0 now, or otherwise have to do without this function. Thank you very much for your help anyway!

    • Dominique

      You don’t have to buy 3.0 (nor 2.4.4): as long as your license is valid (Wordfast licenses are valid three years from the date of purchase), yuou are entitled to download, install and use the latest version available. So do install 2.4.4 now, and 3.0 when it becomes available (which should be very soon).

  • Oksana

    Thanks Dominique! Your advice is really invaluable:) I will download it now and do as you say. Good luck to you and have the great week!

  • Oksana

    My God, it works! You are a genius, Dominique! Thanks a lot again!

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