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How to translate Excel columns in Wordfast Pro

This video shows how to translate a list of terms in one column of an Excel sheet, putting the translation in another column of the same sheet.  It also deals with the special case where some terms are already translated in the target column. The CAT tool used for this purpose is Wordfast Pro, with the advanced wizard for Excel files.
This is a video response to a post on ProZ.com.

7 comments to How to translate Excel columns in Wordfast Pro

  • Poala

    I appreciated this feature in Wf Pro 3.0, too!
    Glad to see you ame through it, too. I will read your blog more often so that next time I can save time on figuring things out by myself.

  • SafeTex


    Dominique did it but just to make it clear, it is very important to have typed the target language or some other target word in the header.

    Otherwise, you can’t select it in WFP

    So if your source header is say ‘Beställngar’ in Swedish, make sure you have ‘orders’ in the next column in English

  • SafeTex


    I had to look at this video again and have another question

    I’m surprised that WFP offered you the headers English and French as the columns to translate as you had hid the words ‘English’ and ‘French’ just before you imported the excel sheet into WFP

    Can u explain this please?


    • Dominique

      The advanced wizard of Wordfast Pro will “see” all rows, whether or not they are hidden. This is why I was able to select the row containing ‘English’ and ‘French’ as headers. I hid it because there was no point in actually translating it. Had I not, the cell with ‘French’ would have been imported. I could then have either translated it as ‘français’ or left it untouched (CopySource).

  • Linda Newstead

    Dear Dominique, Thank you for your advice. When I am translating an excel sheet in Wordfast, how do I get an autofill of terms I have previously translated? They sometimes show up, but mostly they don’t. In the outline column, I have the setting on show all. It is a project with over 3,000 cells, so automatic translation of terms I translated higher up in the document would be a great help (I keep having to go back,or write translations on pieces of paper!)
    Kind regards,

    Linda Newstead

    • Dominique

      I’m not sure I understand your question. If a segment consist of one word and this word is repeated within the Excel document, autopropagation should take care of it. If the terms you have previously translated occur in a longer segment and are repeated, you should add them to a glossary (you can do so “on-the-fly”, as you translate), after which they will be highlighted if found further down in your Excel file.

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