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The “new-style” AutoComplete in Wordfast Classic 6.03

The AutoComplete feature of Wordfast Classic has been revamped in version 6.03j. This video shows the shortcomings of the “old-style” AutoComplete and the improvements of the “new-style” AutoComplete. Improvements include: line wrapping for long segments, no overlapping of the next segments, recall of MT suggestions with Escape, faster response times, full Mac compatibility. Also see my similar post about the new-style AutoComplete in Mac (Word 2011).

5 comments to The “new-style” AutoComplete in Wordfast Classic 6.03

  • Martine

    Even I have made all the crosses you have shown on your video, Wordlingo doesn’t work.
    Do you know why ?
    Best regards

    • Dominique

      What version of Wordfast do you use? Worldlingo tend to be the slowest of the three. Have you enabled Microsoft Translator? It’s free (in practice) and tends to produce better results than Worldlingo. You may also want to delete the entry that starts with “WebTranslate=” in your wordfast.ini (Wordfast will create a new one from scratch).

  • Martine

    Thank for the prompt answer.
    I have downloaded the 6.03k as bêta (said in one of your videos, which actually are very helpful). However, I have no chance to get a web-based MT.
    It’s now my third week of typing everything. It’s very inconvenient as I work on directions of use .
    By the way, I didn’t notice any “WebTranslate=”.
    Best regards
    Martine (Memb. of TC & Proz)

    • Dominique

      WebTranslate= is a line found in wordfast.ini. For the location of that file, see this article. You should get yourself a Microsoft Translator key, see instructions in this video. You can also try to tick Google: if no key is entered, the MyMemory service should be used; it’s supposed to be the same content as Google, but will probably be slower, so you may experience timeouts. Even with heavy use, Google Translate only costs a few euros per months, so my advice would be to get a key.

  • Thank you for all links. It was very helpful.
    My mistake was that I didn’t write a number in the box next to the Web-based MT.

    Your videos help me to understand better wordfast. I didn’t use it to its full capacity.
    Best regards
    et encore merci

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