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New Microsoft Translator API with Client ID and Client Secret

The Microsoft Translator API used to require a “Bing AppID”, which was similar to the API key used by Google Translate. The Bing AppID is now being deprecated and replaced by a “Client ID” and “Client Secret”, which are used to generate “access tokens”.  According to Microsoft, the new method is more secure. This video shows how to obtain a “Client ID” and “Client Secret”, and how to use them in MemSource Cloud.

The new method is also available in SDL Trados Studio 2009/2011 via a third-party plugin called “MT Enhanced using Microsoft Translator“.  The author (Patrick Porter) provides signup instructions (similar to the ones in my video) on his site. Thanks to SDL’s Paul Filkin for bringing this to my attention.

9 comments to New Microsoft Translator API with Client ID and Client Secret

  • Claudette Hepburn

    So, if I understand well, the Microsoft API cannot be integrated in Wordfast?
    You use it, just to consult it or does it come up automatically in your file while using Wordfast?
    yThanks for the info.


    • Dominique

      Wordfast still supports the Microsoft Translator API if you have applied for a Bing AppID a long time ago and have used it before the end of March 2012. If you don’t have a Bing AppID, you can no longer get one.

      Wordfast Classic is being modified so as to support the new authentication method. A new beta version (probably called 6.03q) should be available very soon. With Wordfast Pro, it will probably take longer.

  • AH

    Hi, I have got the Api credentials, but i couldn’t integrate it to the OmegaT tool. Is there any solution?
    or you think it will not work.

  • dr said

    how to get dictionaries for OmegaT? plz in detail

  • BILL

    how to get a client id and client sicret?

  • Apoorv Verma


    I am unable to test the service of microsoft translator in wordfast pro v3.4.5.

    I have entered the correct client id and client secret also. But when i am trying to test the service by clicking on test button, i am getting a blank pop up with a tittle ERROR with no error message, unable to find the exact issue.

    Is there any advice or solution for this kind of error. Please help..!!!

    • Dominique

      First, establish your Microsoft Translator credentials are correct, by testing them in another tool. You can use Wordfast Anywhere and/or Memsource for that purpose. If your credentials work in another tool, then the problem is with Wordfast Pro. If so, contact tech support (Wordfast Hotline) via your account at wordfast.net. If your credentials don’t work in another tool, then chances are they are not valid.

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