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Join segments past paragraph marks in mainstream CAT tools

This video shows how to join segments past paragraph marks in four mainstream CAT tools: Déjà Vu X2, memoQ translator pro, SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 and Wordfast Pro 3.1. Also see the related video on editing source in mainstream CAT tools.

8 comments to Join segments past paragraph marks in mainstream CAT tools

  • SafeTex

    So simple and yet I had no idea when faced with this problem until tonight


  • Illuminating – clicked on this after safetex recommended it on WF_PRO. Thank you very much, CATguru ;0)

  • There is a shorter way in memoQ. Join the 3 segments, translate Protection supérieure du cadre, press Alt+F8. All tags are inserted, done. Or do I miss some point? – Best regards

  • Thanks, Dominique. Instead of a dot, I added a non-breaking space to the segment target itself (Ctrl+Shift+Space), copied the non-breaking space, selected Edit Source, and then pasted the non-breaking space. According to the Release Notes, WFP 3.3 has a new change “Added ability to expand across paragraphs in TXML editor”, however, this does not seem to work here. Do you know why? Thanks again!

    • Dominique

      I assume the non-breaking space trick applies to Wordfast Pro, right? It’s definitely neater than the dot I used. The feature you are referring to (found under Edit > Preferences > Translations) is labeled as “experimental” in the user interface of WFP 3.4.1. I guess that explains why it isn’t working. I did try it myself, and couldn’t get it to work either. Where did you see release notes for WFP? As far as I can see, they are gone in the revamped wordfast.com. Who is Translation-Blog.com, if I may ask?

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