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Convert SDLTM from SDL Trados Studio to TMX without Studio

Translation “packages” from SDL Trados Studio usually contain three main file types: 1) SDLTM (translation memory), 2) SDLTB (term base), 3) SDLXLIFF (translatable document). This video shows how to convert an SDLTM memory file into a standard TMX memory file without using Studio. The conversion is performed with a Visual Basic script written by Thomas van Nellen, in his own words a “proud non-owner of Trados Studio”. The video also shows how to import the TMX into memoQ.

The SDLTM format used by SDL for its translation memories relies on the SQLite SQL database engine, which is in the public domain. The script is quite fast with TM’s of reasonable size (eg. a few minutes for a TM of 10,000 units). It’s considerably slower with larger TM’s (eg. four hours for a TM of 70,000 units).

Related videos:
How to convert an SDLTB termbase (MultiTerm) to Excel, and then import into memoQ
How to translate an SDLXLIFF document (SDL Trados Studio) with memoQ, using a memory (SDLTM) and a termbase (SDLTB) from Studio (to be released later on)

Update: The converter written by Thomas is no longer a Visual Basic script (which was quite slow), but a much faster Java program.

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