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Convert SDLTB to Excel with GlossaryConverter plugin

Translation “packages” from SDL Trados Studio usually contain three main file types: 1) SDLTM (translation memory), 2) SDLTB (term base), 3) SDLXLIFF (translatable document). This video shows how to convert an SDLTB term base into a Excel sheet, using the GlossaryConverter plugin written by Gerhard Kordmann. The video also shows how to save the Excel sheet as Unicode and import the resulting text file into memoQ.

Note: the plugin requires MultiTerm to be installed and it will only work with MultiTerm 2011. Also, it is not compatible with Windows 8 for the time being.

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How to translate an SDLXLIFF document (SDL Trados Studio) with memoQ, using a memory (SDLTM) and a termbase (SDLTB) from Studio (to be released later)

1 comment to Convert SDLTB to Excel with GlossaryConverter plugin

  • SafeTex


    I just couldn’t find a contact address on your blog so I’m contacting you about another video and product (sorry)

    The product is WFA and the video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpC9UpxfBjI&feature=related

    What surprised me was something at the end of the video

    A few weeks ago, you helped me my confirming that in WF PRO, the source file is only needed at the beginning and at the end (to help keep the layout during clean up)

    But when you download files back from WFA, they would normally go into the ‘download file’.

    And there is no clean up operation either.

    So how did the downloaded file know that it had to have a blue logo at the top?

    Is all the information in a .ppt file uploaded to WFA and downloaded back again with the target text ?

    Hope you understand this question



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