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First look at memoQ 6.2

This video is a first look at the freshly released memoQ 6.2 beta. It shows new features such as The Zen, Muses, support for SDL Studio packages and AutoPick. A blog post by István on 14-Nov-2012 and a message to the memoQ list by Gábor on 15-Nov-2012 also provide information on the new features of memoQ 6.2.

5 comments to First look at memoQ 6.2

  • Tim

    Thanks for another informative video, Dominique!

    May I serve a little whine?
    While implementing more and more gimmicks, Kilgray should not forget to work on the overall structure of their software/appearance of the UI.
    So far it seems to me like a motley collection of windows, dialogs and options.
    Getting lost in an application will certainly not increase productivity.
    (Neither will limited keyboard support.)


    • Dominique

      Hi Tim,

      You would have to tell Kilgray about that! I personally find the UI of memoQ much clearer than that of SDL Trados Studio, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.



  • Tom Finnid

    Speaking of whines, I could tell that CATguru was working from home when he made this vid.

    Anyway, it was helpful – thanks!

  • Tim

    @ Dominique

    Thanks for your reply.
    You’re certainly right, but Studio is no “yardstick application” for me.
    My reference is DVX2 (no perfect solution either).
    Generally, I wish that programmers would stick to Windows standards and stop inventing fancy new buttons or dialogs.
    In most cases they just slow me down.


  • Marc

    Speaking of whining, how about the cat in the background, “I’m hungry, stop talking and feed me already!” hahaha, mais je rigole bien sûr 🙂

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