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First steps with Wordfast Anywhere (2012 edition)

The choice of CAT tools for professional translators used to be limited and they tended to be expensive. This is no longer the case and translators can now choose from a variety of tools, including inexpensive ones. This series of five videos covers inexpensive, yet fully-featured CAT tools costing from 0 to 139 euros.

This video is about Wordfast Anywhere, a free, entirely cloud-based tool. The user interface of Wordfast Anywhere is heavily influenced by that of its sibling Wordfast Classic, while it supports all the file formats found in Wordfast Pro.

The video shows how to upload a Word document, how to create a TM, how to translate the document and how to download the translated version.

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2 comments to First steps with Wordfast Anywhere (2012 edition)

  • Deborah

    I’m a new user of Wordfast anywhere and I’m in doubt about something: Does the tool translate my docs or to I insert my own translation? In all the videos I’ve seen so far, the translation appears so fast that I can’t figure out how it’s done. I’ll be glad to have a quick answer.

    Thank you

    • Dominique

      Sorry for the confusion: in the video, I used a script to quickly enter the translations, because 1) I’m a poor typist otherwise and 2) I wanted to keep the video short and not lose time on such mundane tasks as typing text. In the real world, you would need to type in your translations yourself. Of course, Wordfast Anywhere can be integrated with machine translation services such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Worldlingo etc., in which case you could have the target segment automatically populated with machine translated text.

      Also note the video was made a long time ago, and the interface of Wordfast Anywhere has somewhat evolved since.

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