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First steps with Across Personal Edition

Across Systems is a German company that sells a server solution called Across Language Server, aimed primarily at the “linguistic supply chain” (their own words). They also have a Windows client product called Across Personal Edition. Across PE can be used either as a client that can access a remote server, or as a standalone tool.

This video shows how to create a project in Across PE, add a Word document to it, change the segmentation type (by default, Across segments by paragraphs), translate the document and “check-out” the project (Across’ term for exporting the translated document).

Across PE was not included in my series of five inexpensive CAT tools for translators because: 1) Across is only free in appearance (freelancers must accept to be listed in Across’ publicly searchable database), 2) Across is clearly designed for translation agencies and large corporates, not translators, and 3) Across is plain bloatware. I recommend freelance translators looking for an inexpensive CAT tool consider OmegaT, MemSource Cloud, Wordfast Anywhere, CafeTran or MetaTExis instead.

Relevant links:
Download link to Across PE 5.5 (NB! 865 MB)
my-across.net (site for freelance translators)
Commented installation of Across PE 5.5
Review of Across PE on proZ.com

1 comment to First steps with Across Personal Edition

  • Hans

    This video shows how the WYSIWYG feature and a database overhead can have a very high price regarding performance. Display of basic character formatting is nice, but not absolutely necessary – especially not when it comes with bad performance.

    This isn’t the most important drawback of Across, however. The absolute killing factor is the fact that in the era of interoperability and XLIFF, Across allows LSPs to prevent handling Across projects with CAT tools that are better integrated into freelancer’s own and carefully optimised workflow.

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