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Save TXML as unclean Word document with new Wordfast Pro 3.2

Many translation agencies are still using Trados Workbench (the “old” Trados) and request translations in the “unclean” Word document format, also known as “Trados bilingual”. Until version 3.1, Wordfast Pro was not able to produce such documents and translators had to resort to cumbersome workarounds in order to obtain unclean documents. Version 3.2 (in beta as of January 2013) now supports saving TXML files in three different variants of the Trados bilingual format: 1) with placeholders, 2) without placeholders, 3) tag-content as placeholder. The optimal option for the purpose of updating a Trados (or Wordfast Classic) TM is without placeholders. This video shows how to save a TXML as Trados bilingual and how the resulting document can be used to update a Trados Workbench translation memory.

3 comments to Save TXML as unclean Word document with new Wordfast Pro 3.2

  • SafeTex

    Thanks Dominique

    Don’t see how you get the time to do all this and translate.

    Maybe you can make a video on that one day !



  • This is wonderful news. I am a Mac user and prefer to use WFP. i hate to, but have to open Windows using Parallels Desktop whenever a client wants TWB to be used. Now this saves me a lot of time, trouble, RAM and uncertainty. I will start using it pronto.

  • Could you possibly add a screenshot showing exactly what needs to be selected in Preferences>Segmentation Settings (I presume that’s where it’s configured)? By default my Wordfast gives ‘WFC bilingual’ choices in the Save As Type dropdown menu, not ‘Trados’, and although I’ve selected Trados in Segmentation Settings it still only gives me the possibility of WFC.

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