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How to create DGT TMX on Mac

A previous video showed how to create a TMX translation memory from the DGT parallel texts on Windows. This video shows how to do it on a Mac, using the supplied command-line Java program.

A German-Polish translation memory is created with the command:

java -jar TMXtract.jar DE PL DGT_de-pl.tmx Vol*.zip

The TM is then opened in Wordfast Pro 3.1.3.

Relevant links:
DGT-Translation memories (web site)
How to create DGT translation memories (blog post)

4 comments to How to create DGT TMX on Mac

  • I get through every step of this OK for French to English TUs, until it comes to importing the TUs into Wordfast at which point after conversion I get a message saying “Total imported: 0” (previous line says there are 200 000+ TUs). I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Possibly with the language code?

    • Dominique

      Yes, when rounding up the usual suspects with Wordfast Pro, you often bump into language codes. Actually, I had planned to make a video about this. What you could try is this: create a dummy TM in Wordfast Pro and open the .txt file in TextEdit. Have a look at the language codes on the very first line of the file. Then, open the DGT TMX and see if the language codes match. If not, use find/replace to make them match what Wordfast Pro expects. Because of the size of the DGT TMX, you will have to use a heavy-duty text editor, not TextEdit. MacVim should do the job, though using find/replace with it isn’t exactly intuitive.

  • Octavio

    Hi, the DGT site no longer has the hyperlink shown in the video as: Java byte code which is downloaded as tmxtract.jar
    Is there another way to dowload this file, I can´t seem to find it.

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