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Change font in Wordfast Pro editor

The default font in the TXML editor of Wordfast Professional is Times New Roman 14. Many translators will find it inadequate (too big and not very legible). This video shows how to change the font (for both the source and the target cells of the editor) to something more adequate, eg. Tahoma 10.

2 comments to Change font in Wordfast Pro editor

  • Chun-yi Chen

    I am not a WF user, but wanted to comment on the font size.
    I set up the fonts of my two CAT tools both at size 14. This is the size that I can see most comfortably. 10 is more for people at their 20s or 30s, definitely not for me:)

    • Dominique

      Yes, I realized there is no “right” or “wrong” font size. However, I believe it depends more on the size and resolution of your display than on age. I assume you are using a large desktop monitor with a very high resolution (ie. tiny pixels), in which case 14 may be an optimal font size. On a standard 1366×768 laptop monitor, a 14 point font would look oversize, even for an older guy like me (I’m in my 50’s). My main display (laptop) is 1440×900/13.3″ and I find 10-11 to be an optimal font size in both CAT tool editors and in Word.

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