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Machine translation in OmegaT for Windows

This video shows how to use two popular machine translation services (Google Translate, Microsoft Translator) in OmegaT for Windows, a free, open source translation tool.

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5 comments to Machine translation in OmegaT for Windows

  • safetex


    This didn’t work for me tonight and I’ve yet to work out way
    But what I would like to say was that while looking for the spanner in the works, I noticed that in OmegaT at the top of the l4j.in file, you have the instructions

    # To use a parameter, remove the ‘#’ before the ‘-‘

    You had already done this previously I assume before making your video but it is worth pointing out for others


    • Dominique

      Good point, thanks for mentioning this! Sometimes, what seems obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone.

  • ken

    yes safesex is right.
    great man it works now. thanx

  • Grace


    This has not been working for my. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. (I’m trying to use microsoft translator, by the way). Could you please help me?


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