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Five Studio 2014 videos by Daniel Brockmann

The latest version of SDL Trados Studio, 2014, was released on September 30th, 2013. Its Welcome screen includes a new Get Started tab with links to five videos made by SDL’s Daniel Brockmann:

Studio 2014 – get started tab

These videos can be viewed prior to installing Studio 2014 by clicking the links below:

A quick tour around SDL Trados Studio (15:04)
Creating and managing projects (12:05)
Translating single documents (25:40)
Working with project packages (06:16)
Working with GroupShare online projects (06:35)

The video files are in the WebM format and it should be possible to view them in any recent browser, including on mobile devices.

The files can also be downloaded for offline viewing with supported video players, for instance the popular VLC media player.

It should be noted that – for some reason – SDL decided to produce the videos in standard definition (480 x 852 pixels, also known as 480p). Hopefully, they will eventually make higher definition (720p, 1080p) versions available on their YouTube channel.

4 comments to Five Studio 2014 videos by Daniel Brockmann

  • DrHelp

    Hi CATguru

    Here with better quality:

    A quick tour around SDL Trados Studio: http://goo.gl/FPrAvz
    Translating single documents: http://goo.gl/QWJrCf
    Creating and managing projects: http://goo.gl/Zv112u
    Working with project packages: http://goo.gl/T3Ammt
    Working with GroupShare online projects: http://goo.gl/aFzm6u

  • Hi CATguru,

    Thanks for sharing! On quality – there’s a “Q” button on the lower right corner of the player which allows you to go to HD format (use the top value 720p). Unfortunately it was not possible to set this as default (I tried) so you have to do this each time. And it’s actually 12 videos 🙂 – if you scroll down in the Get Started tab you will find MultiTerm and What’s New videos too.

    Thanks, Daniel

    • Dominique

      Thanks, Daniel, for pointing to the MultiTerm and What’s New videos I missed!
      Are you sure about the availability of higher definition videos via the Q button? Even if I select 720p, the underlying video file that is being loaded is the same 480×852 pixel video, which you can see from the quality as well. When you switch from 480p to 720p in YouTube, you can see another version of the video is being loaded, and the quality is visibly better.

      • Hi Dominique,
        Sorry for the late reply – when I click on 720p I can see that the video is being reloaded and then restarts from the beginning in much better quality, so seems to be the same as in YouTube. Maybe it is a browser issue, not sure (I’m using IE).
        Thanks, Daniel

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