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Get rid of unneeded tags with Translator Tools

Poorly formatted Word documents may contain lots of unneeded tags when imported in CAT tools such as memoQ, Wordfast Pro, SDL Trados Studio etc. Translator Tools is a free tool (Windows only) by fellow translator Stanislav Okhvat that attempts to remove most of these unneeded tags. This video shows how to use the Document Cleaner function of Translator Tools and the impact it had on a sample Word document in memoQ 2014 R2.

Relevant links:
Download Translator Tools
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6 comments to Get rid of unneeded tags with Translator Tools

    • Dominique

      Good point! I added a mention of the fact Translator Tools is Windows only. Pity there’s nothing similar for Mac.

  • There is the same problem (Windows only) with David Turner’s Code Zapper. I don’t know how similar Code Zapper is to Translator Tools though.

    • Dominique

      CodeZapper and Translator Tools are quite similar. It seems TT is more actively developed than CZ, and it’s more easily available too (can be downloaded for free, unlike CZ). Neither works on Mac, though. Very few VBA applications work on both Windows and Mac, Wordfast Classic being a notable exception.

  • Then of course you have the function in memoQ built into the DOCX filter which does similar things.

    • Dominique

      Well, the file that I used in the video was a DOCX. I imported it with the DOCX filter and both Fidelity settings ticked (Ignore font hints for cleaner import, Ignore minor formatting changes for few tags), yet lots of tags sneaked in. Maybe you’re confusing memoQ’s built-in function with Déjà Vu’s own built-in feature (CodeZapper)?

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