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Create a Custom Search Engine, integrate with IntelliWebSearch

Google’s Custom Search Engine can be a convenient way to restrict searches to several specified domains, like the site:domain.com setting in Google’s Advanced Search for a single site/domain.

Anyone can create any number of custom search engines for free, as long as they have a Google account. Each custom search engine can include any number of sites/domains.

This video shows how to create a custom search engine for Finnish newspapers that includes the websites of five newspapers, as well as another custom search engine for Wikipedia in three different languages.

Once a custom search engine has been created, it can be integrated into IntelliWebSearch (Windows-only) using the following values for the Start and Finish fields:

Start -> http://www.google.com/cse?cx=PART1%3APART2&ie=UTF-8&q=
Finish -> &sa=Search&hl=en

where PART1 and PART2 are the two components of the unique identifier of the custom search engine, as displayed in the public URL of the engine.

For example, if the public URL of a custom search engine is:


then, PART1 is 001578379530956773680 and PART2 is y3n4c5omgnq

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