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First steps with memoQ 2014 R2

This video shows how to translate a Word document from scratch in memoQ 2014 R2. A new project (English-French) is created, the document is imported , a new translation memory is created, a new termbase (multilingual: English-French-Finnish-Swedish) is created, with sample terminology imported from an Excel sheet, the document is translated interactively and finally the translated document is exported. The video also shows the new ribbon first introduced in memoQ 2014 R2.

4 comments to First steps with memoQ 2014 R2

  • Very useful to see the ribbon a bit before we get the new version


  • Quý

    Hi , but I got memoq 6.2 which could not import by excel , just only .txt file . I imported it but is just show english , it did not show target language. How can I deal with this , thank you

    • Dominique

      memoQ should also be able to import from a tab-delimited text file and save it as Unicode in Excel. I actually covered importing from a text file in an older video. You can jump to 03:15 in the video, which is where I save from Excel as Unicode text. The importing in memoQ follows shortly after this.

      At the time the video was recorded (October 2012), memoQ indeed didn’t support importing terminology directly from Excel. Maybe a good reason for you to upgrade to the current version!

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