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How to set up Translation Workspace

Translation Workspace / Geoworkz is a translation solution marketed by Lionbridge, a large translation company. Translation Workspace consists of a cloud-based component hosted at translate.translationworkspace.com, where resources such as translation memories and glossaries are stored, and of editors that must be installed locally. Translators can choose between two editors: an MS Word add-in (similar to Wordfast Classic, MetaTexis or Trados Translator’s Workbench) and a standalone XLIFF editor (with an interface similar to that of Trados TagEditor). Both editors only work in Microsoft Windows.

Translation Workspace is sold as a monthly or yearly susbscription and its price depends on the number of words translated each month. Here are examples of subscription plans for freelancers as per May 2015:

Translation Workspace subscription plans

A trial (good for 30 days and 5000 words) is available. A credit card is needed in order to sign up for the trial. The credit card won’t be charged if the trial is cancelled before the end of the trial period.

This video (first in a series of two) shows how to add resources to a Translation Workspace “tenancy”. Resources include a newly created, empty TM, a reference TM with material imported from a TMX and a small glossary with content imported from a tab-delimited text file. The reference TM and the glossary are then “background linked” to the empty TM: when that TM is selected in the XLIFF editor, background linked resources will be available during the translation. Using the Convert function of Translation Workspace Tools, a small Word document is converted to the XLZ format (zipped XLIFF) used by the Translation Workspace XLIFF editor. The second video in the series shows how to perform the actual translation (from Finnish into English), using the resources (translation memories, glossary) set up in the tenancy.

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