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Convert Excel to TMX with Heartsome TMX Editor

This video shows how to convert an Excel sheet into a multilingual TMX translation memory, using the now free, open-sourced Heartsome TMX Editor. An Excel sheet contains strings in five languages (one language per column), with the first row acting as the header (name of the language stored in each column). When proper language codes (ie. en-GB for English, de-DE for German, ru-RU for Russian) are used in the header row, Heartsome TMX Editor can import all languages into a multilingual TMX.

Heartsome TMX Editor can only display two languages at a time, but they can be easily changed via a dropdown menu.

Any two languages from the TMX can then be imported into a bilingual translation memory of a CAT tool (very few CAT tools support multilingual translation memories, Déjà Vu being a notable exception).

The Help file of Heartsome TMX Editor contains an extensive list of valid language codes. It should be noted that Heartsome won’t accept commonly used language codes, eg. fi-FI for Finnish or sv-SE for Swedish (only fi and sv will work).

Important: Heartsome TMX Editor should only be downloaded via the Microsoft OneDrive links (a Microsoft account is necessary) provided at github.com. The downloadable file should be a ZIP and should not contain a file named SETUP.EXE.

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