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How to modify keyboard layout for curly apostrophes

In French (as well as in several other languages), curly apostrophes ( ’ ) are preferred to the straight ones. Microsoft Word can automatically convert straight apostrophes into their curly version, via its AutoFormat As You Type function.  Unfortunately, many translation tools with a dedicated environment will not perform such conversion, even when they have a similar setting as in Microsoft Word, as is the case in memoQ.

This video shows how to modify an existing keyboard layout using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, a free utility that works with all versions of Windows from XP to 10. On the modified layout, the straight apostrophe is replaced by its curly version, while the straight apostrophe is added to the same key, when used with the Ctrl key.

The modified layout is then added to the active keyboard via Control Panel.

The same technique can be used to modify any other key(s) on the keyboard layout.

6 comments to How to modify keyboard layout for curly apostrophes

  • Anthony Green

    following these instructions will I’m sure reduce the amount of time wasted on this area. Many thanks

    • Dominique

      Yes, that’s the idea! And it works not only in memoQ, but in all other programs where you input text. For instance, this reply of mine includes an apostrophe (that’s) that was automatically made curly.

  • Maria

    thank you so much! Lifesaver against a picky client 🙂

  • Nicolas

    Thank you Dominique.
    I was getting very frustrated as MemoQ Adriatic still isn’t able to deal with this issue, even with a specific Autocorrect entry.
    As for Trados 2017, slow typers get the curly apostrophe, but fast typers are stuck with the straght one.
    I’m still not happy with the fact that I had to install another piece of software as well as an older version of .NET Framework on my Windows 10 system, but there is no better solution presently.

    • Dominique

      Hi Nicolas,

      I haven’t even tried to do it with Autocorrect in memoQ. Are you saying it’s working if/when typing slowly enough? I didn’t know about Trados 2017 either: the situation is the same as with memoQ?

      Glad to know in any case my workaround was of some help, even if it’s PITA with Windows 10.



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