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First steps with Memsource Editor v. 5 (2015)

Memsource is a cloud-based translation tool that offers two environments for translating: a web-based editor and a local editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are different editions of Memsource for translators (Personal/Freelancer), translation agencies (Team) and enterprises (BIZ). This video shows how to translate a Word document from scratch in the Windows version of Memsource Editor 5.174 (October 2015) and a free  Personal Edition account. A new project (Finnish to English) is created. A new job is created, with the addition of the Word document to be translated. A new translation memory is added to the project. A second reference translation memory is created, with the content of a TMX memory imported into it. A new termbase is created, with sample terminology from an Excel sheet imported into it (the Excel sheet includes extra information that takes into account the fact Finnish is an inflected language). The document is then downloaded as an MQXLIFF file (internal format used by Memsource) and translated in the local editor with the cloud-based resources (TMs and termbase), using such function as inserting recognized terminology, autopropapagation and concordance search. Unfortunately, I forgot to add a new term pair to the termbase, as in the other First Step videos on SDL Trados Studio 2015, memoQ 2015, Wordfast Pro 4 and CafeTran 2015. A separate video will show this missing step. Finally, the translated document is generated, in two different ways: locally in the editor, and in the cloud-based interface.

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