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Convert a dead PDF with Wordfast Anywhere (2016 edition)

“Dead” PDFs are typically obtained by scanning printed document. Their text content cannot be selected in Adobe Reader and they cannot be converted using CAT tools like Wordfast Pro, SDL Trados Studio or memoQ (which only support conversion of text-based PDFs). Made for the 7th ABRATES Conference in Rio  in June 2016, this video shows how to upload a dead PDF in Finnish to Wordfast Anywhere, have it converted there and download the document converted to the Microsoft Word format.

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5 comments to Convert a dead PDF with Wordfast Anywhere (2016 edition)

  • Den

    Are there any privacy issues that arise out of using Wordfast Anywhere’s excellent PDF conversion tool? I have not been able to find any information on this. Thanks.

    • Dominique

      Hi Den! My understanding is that the documents you upload for alignment are deleted immediately after the alignment is complete. This is not mentioned explicitely under the AutoAligner’s Help, but I believe the general Terms of Use of Wordfast Anywhere apply (check what they say on confidentiality). I’ll point the attention of the developers to your concern. Hopefully, this matter will be clarified.

      • Dominique

        Sorry, you were asking about PDF conversion, not alignment. A PDF uploaded to Wordfast Anywhere for conversion would be treated like any other document. If you select ’Upload and open’, the converted document will be stored under your account until you delete it. As long as it is stored there, it is treated as confidential as per the Terms of Use (“All the data maintained by Wordfast LLC on your behalf is kept strictly confidential. Wordfast LLC will not reuse, sell, reveal, distribute or in any way disclose the data you entrust in our servers.“). If/when you decide to delete it from your account, it will be gone for good (“Documents or accounts that are deleted by you are permanently and irretrievably erased.“). If you select ’Upload’, you only get an option to Download the converted document as DOC. You’d have to assume nothing is kept on the server.

  • Dren

    Thatnks Dominique. I was wondering about the actual conversion process from dead PDF to a doc file. Is this handled on the wordfast server or are there any third parties involved in this process? I just want to make sure that the actual process of conversion occurs within the safety of my private space on WFA.

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

    • Dominique

      AFAIK, the conversion takes place using third-party software (from ABBYY) that runs on Wordfast’s own server. In other words, the conversion process is not “outsourced” outside your private space on WFA.

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