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Translate any file format in Wordfast Classic with Wordfast Pro 3

Wordfast Classic is a CAT tool that works as a Microsoft Word add-in. As such, it cannot be used to translate directly other file formats than Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF). This video shows a “CAT hopping” (using one CAT tool to translate in another CAT tool) scenario in which Wordfast Pro 3 is used to extract translatable texts from a PowerPoint presentation, the texts are translated in Wordfast Classic and the translated texts are imported back into Wordfast Pro. Finally, Wordfast Pro is used to generate the translated version of the PowerPoint presentation. The same technique can be used to translate any file format supported by Wordfast Pro. The demo mode of Wordfast Pro 3 is sufficient for this purpose. Wordfast Pro 4 doesn’t currently support this workflow, as it can only export its bilingual documents to a Word table, and not reimport that table back into its own environment.

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2 comments to Translate any file format in Wordfast Classic with Wordfast Pro 3

  • P. J. Somers

    Terrific description! It works like a charm. Much better than trying to handle PowerPoint directly with WF classic which skips over text boxes.

    • Dominique

      Good to know this alternative method worked for you! Note that the “traditional” method translating directly with Wordfast CLassic only works with versions of Microsoft Office up to 2010. So if/when you are using a newer version, it wouldn’t work anyway. Also note the same alternative method now works with Wordfast Pro 4/5 (it wasn’t the case with the early 4.x versions).

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