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First steps with Wordfast Anywhere (2016 edition)

Wordfast Anywhere is an online translation tool provided as a free service by Wordfast LLC. It has an interface similar to that of the company’s commercial tools, Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro. This video shows how to upload and translate a Word document from scratch in Wordfast Anywhere 4.11.2 (version available as per October 2016). Sample bilingual terminology from an Excel sheet is saved as a Unicode tab-delimited text file and uploaded as a Wordfast Anywhere glossary. A TMX translation memory is uploaded as a Wordfast Anywhere TM. The document is translated interactively, using such features as auto-suggest, concordance search and on-the-fly adding of terminology. Finally, the translated document is downloaded.

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2 comments to First steps with Wordfast Anywhere (2016 edition)

  • Ian Roberts

    Very useful.
    When precisely is the 2016 version of WFA coming out?

    • Dominique

      Wordfast Anywhere is being updated all the time. You can check the version in use under Help > About. Right now (19-Oct-2016), it is 4.11.2. Maybe after a few days, it is 4.11.3, or 4.12.0, or something else. Also check the release notes, that indicate when each new version was released and what changes it brought.

      Just to clarify: “2016 edition” refers to my version of the “First steps” video (I also made one in 2012), not to the version of Wordfast Anywhere.

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