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Proper nouns as placeables in memoQ (part 1/2)

Whereas Wordfast treats proper nouns (e.g. “Manchester United” or “Zlatan Ibrahimovic”) as placeables by default, memoQ does not. The only easy way to have them appear in the translation result pane is to add them to a non-translatable list or to a termbase. However, this is not a very efficient way of working if these entities only occur once or seldom in source texts. This video shows how to create an auto-translation rule that will let memoQ treat any single capitalized word, as well as two or three consecutive capitalized words, as placeables.

The regular expression (regex) used to match such entities is the following:


A second video provides more information about this autotranslation rule and explains how to tweak it in order to accommodate different needs (for instance, German as source language).

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