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Proper nouns as placeables in memoQ (part 2/2)

The first part of this two-part series showed how to create an auto-translation rule in memoQ that would cause single capitalized words, as well as two or three consecutive capitalized words, to be treated as placeables.  This video provides some background information about the rule that was created: credit for the rule goes to Stanislav Okhvat, the author of the highly recommended Translator Tools collection of utilities. It also shows how to modify the rule so as to only match two or three consecutive capitalized words, and not single capitalized words; this can be useful with source languages such as German (in German, all common nouns are capitalized, even if they are not at the beginning of a sentence).

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1 comment to Proper nouns as placeables in memoQ (part 2/2)

  • I’d like to adapt this for references. I’m nearly there, but not quite there yet. Imagine the reference is as follows:

    (Richardson i Rhodes, 2013)

    This is the rule I’ve tried:

    (\((\b(\p{Lt}|\p{Lu})\p{Ll}+\b)(\s\b(\p{Lt}|\p{Lu})\p{Ll}+\b){0,2}) i ((\b(\p{Lt}|\p{Lu})\p{Ll}+\b)(\s\b(\p{Lt}|\p{Lu})\p{Ll}+\b){0,2},? [1-2][90][0-9][0-9]\))
    $1 and $2

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