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Top 10 YouTube channels for translation technology in late 2016

The YouTube channel used for my vlog, CATguruEN, was created in October 2011, exactly five years ago. Two years back (December 2014), I listed the Top 10 YouTube channels for translation technology. I’ve now updated that list, as per October 27th, 2016:

Channel's nameSubscribersViewsVideosCreated
1. SDL Trados6,204720,911153Mar-2009
2. CATguruEN3,050518,605224Oct-2011
3. Wordfast TM1,623191,48029Oct-2011
4. Marta Stelmaszak1,35550,88928Apr-2011
5. memoQ1,030121,775307May-2009
6. TAUS Videos733131,589406Dec-2009
7. LionbridgeTech48445,57567Nov-2009
8. Memsource38272,72753Oct-2011
9. Atril Déjà Vu318119,49540Jun-2011
10. Paul Filkin??74,274118Oct-2006

Channels are ranked according to the number of subscribers. The list is mostly unchanged since two years ago: the only newcomer is Memsource. SDL’s channel is still number one (by a wide margin), and mine number two. Obviously, this is David vs.Goliath: a single guy doing it for fun on his own time vs. a large corporate with people being paid for creating social media content. If you know of a translation technology channel with a relatively large following that I have omitted, do mention it to me!

The number of views and videos are a bit misleading. Some channels are removing older videos and therefore “losing” views, while the majority keeps all content posted on YouTube. For instance, SDL Trados had 140 videos and 730,000 views in December 2014, while they now have 153 videos and 720,000 views. Yet, they have posted 41 new videos in 2016 alone. On the other hand, views on CATguruEN have almost doubled in two years, from 272,000 to 519,000.

Thanks to everyone reading my vlog and watching my YouTube videos!

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