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Translate any file format in Wordfast Classic with Memsource

Wordfast Classic is a CAT tool that works as a Microsoft Word add-in. As such, it cannot be used to translate directly other file formats than Word documents (DOCX, DOC, RTF). This video shows a “CAT hopping” (using one CAT tool to translate in another CAT tool) scenario in which Memsource Personal Edition is used […]

First steps with Wordfast Classic 6

Wordfast Classic is a CAT tool that works as a Microsoft Word add-in in Windows (all versions of Microsoft Office up to 2016) and on Mac (Office 2011, but not 2016). This video shows how to translate a Word document from scratch in Wordfast Classic 6.45 (latest version as per October 2016). Sample bilingual terminology […]

Set up Wordfast Server for Wordfast Pro 3 & 4 (2016 edition)

Wordfast Server is a Windows application (available as 32- and 64-bit) that can be used to share translation memories and glossaries between clients running Wordfast Pro, Wordfast Anywhere or Wordfast Classic. This video shows how to add Wordfast translation memories and glossaries to Wordfast Server, how to create accounts that include these memories and glossaries […]

Align documents with Wordfast Autoaligner

Wordfast Autoaligner can be accessed from within Wordfast Anywhere (as per writing of this post, in June 2016, via File > Align). Aligning is performed by dragging and dropping up to three pairs (source and target) of documents and uploading them. Wordfast Autoaligner figures out the language of each document and which is which. Once […]

Convert a dead PDF with Wordfast Anywhere (2016 edition)

“Dead” PDFs are typically obtained by scanning printed document. Their text content cannot be selected in Adobe Reader and they cannot be converted using CAT tools like Wordfast Pro, SDL Trados Studio or memoQ (which only support conversion of text-based PDFs). Made for the 7th ABRATES Conference in Rio in June 2016, this video shows […]

Dictate in Wordfast Anywhere with Google Web Speech

Google offers a Web Speech, a new service for which a demonstration is available in Chrome. The service is also available as Cloud Speech API for integration in other applications. Wordfast Anywhere is the first CAT tool that implements this new API. Using Google Web Speech is free, it requires no training or expensive microphone […]

First steps with Memsource Editor v. 5 (2015)

Memsource is a cloud-based translation tool that offers two environments for translating: a web-based editor and a local editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are different editions of Memsource for translators (Personal/Freelancer), translation agencies (Team) and enterprises (BIZ). This video shows how to translate a Word document from scratch in the Windows version […]

First steps with Wordfast Pro 4

Wordfast Pro is a Java-based CAT tool and as such multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Wordfast Pro 4 is the latest version as of September 2015, following Wordfast Pro 3 (released in early 2012). New features include a WYSIWYG editor, a ribbon-based interface and projects with multiple target languages. This video shows how to translate a […]

How to modify keyboard layout for curly apostrophes

In French (as well as in several other languages), curly apostrophes ( ’ ) are preferred to the straight ones. Microsoft Word can automatically convert straight apostrophes into their curly version, via its AutoFormat As You Type function. Unfortunately, many translation tools with a dedicated environment will not perform such conversion, even when they have […]

Convert Excel to TMX with Heartsome TMX Editor

This video shows how to convert an Excel sheet into a multilingual TMX translation memory, using the now free, open-sourced Heartsome TMX Editor. An Excel sheet contains strings in five languages (one language per column), with the first row acting as the header (name of the language stored in each column). When proper language codes […]