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Convert SDLTM from SDL Trados Studio to TMX without Studio

Translation “packages” from SDL Trados Studio usually contain three main file types: 1) SDLTM (translation memory), 2) SDLTB (term base), 3) SDLXLIFF (translatable document). This video shows how to convert an SDLTM memory file into a standard TMX memory file without using Studio. The conversion is performed with a Visual Basic script written by Thomas […]

memoQ auto-translation rules explained

Auto-translation rules are a powerful feature of memoQ that can be used for many different purposes. This video shows how to auto-translate English phrases like two days ago, three weeks ago etc. into French, taking into account the different word order (il y a deux jours, il y a trois semaines etc.).

Link to sample […]

Total cost of ownership of mainstream CAT tools for freelancers over 6 years

Translation tools sold to freelancers are often discounted, for instance via Translator group buying (TGB) deals at ProZ.com. However, the initial price of a tool may only represent a small part of the total price translators will have to pay over the years, when taking into account items such as support and maintenance (upgrades).

This […]

Internal fuzzy matches explained

Most translation tools can produce analysis reports that include 100% matches, fuzzy matches and internal repetitions. Some tools can also report “internal fuzzies” or “fuzzy repetitions”, which are segments with no matches in the TM, but that are quite similar to each others within the document (or set of documents) to be translated.

This video […]

Use Code Zapper to kill unneeded tags in Word documents

In a previous video, I mentioned a low-tech way to get rid of unneeded tags in DOCX documents in memoQ. Piotr Bienkowski suggested in a comment to that video that Code Zapper could have been used as an alternative way to reduce “tag soup”. Code Zapper didn’t help with my particular document in memoQ, but […]

Low-tech way to get rid of unneeded tags in DOCX in memoQ

This video shows a low-tech way to get rid of unnecessary tags (usually displayed as “rpr”) in DOCX documents imported in memoQ. The trick is to go back to Word, cut the tag ridden portion, paste it back as unformatted and reimport the document in memoQ.

The document used in the video was originally received […]

New Terminotix Toolbar for MS-Word vs. IntelliWebSearch

This video shows how the new Terminotix Toolbar for Microsoft Word works, and how it compares with the similar IntelliWebSearch. Both tools are free, but their makers would both want you to contribute a small amount of money for their use.

The Terminotix Toolbar is best suited for translators who work with English, French and […]

Hide/display spaces in mainstream CAT tools

This video shows how to display and hide spaces in four mainstream CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio 2011, Wordfast Pro, memoQ translator pro and Déjà Vu X2. This feature is built-in in all tools except Déjà Vu, and it works very much like in Microsoft Word. Déjà Vu needs to use specially modified fonts in […]

Export to bilingual Word table from mainstream CAT tools

This video shows how to export translated documents to a bilingual Word table in four mainstream CAT tools: Déjà Vu X2 (“External View”), memoQ translator pro (“Two-column RTF”), SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 (“External Review”) and Wordfast Pro 3.1 (“Bilingual Review”). Changes made to these bilingual Word tables (whether by the translator or a separate […]

Join segments past paragraph marks in mainstream CAT tools

This video shows how to join segments past paragraph marks in four mainstream CAT tools: Déjà Vu X2, memoQ translator pro, SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 and Wordfast Pro 3.1. Also see the related video on editing source in mainstream CAT tools.